is Sex Workers Preferred Classifieds Site to Post Online Ads!

We have seen it before and now see it again in the continuously evolving adult entertainment industry. A niche for better technology where found its niche for providing a FREE to use advertising platform for adult escort services and job listings. Where many tend to steer away from anything adult oriented, this site has gained a tremendous amount of traction for its 25th day of inception.

With it being on track to capture over 1 million unique viewers this month, whom seem to have urge to come back to the site every few hours on average. Over 1,000 members have signed up in the last 25 days and growing which includes a database of several thousand ad postings and over 5,000 images.

The community is growing, says CTO, whom has requested to keep his name anonymous for now, and I foresee to keep nurturing the site with latest technologies to make it more efficient and better for our userbase even after we rank side by side with on Google, he says.

Apparently, is a medium for the promotion of any adult oriented product, service or opportunity. The technology itself goes a long way from just an adult product. In fact it is understood that this very same technology is planned to be replicated and developed into a classifieds engine for other niche markets in the future.

Users can register an account on in less than 10 seconds and post an ad in less than 30 seconds. There are no limitations on the number of ads you can post and once an ad is listed on the site it appears in the “My Account Tab”

You as the user can view all your ads from a centralized page. You can see real time analytics as per how many views each of your ads receives. If you sign up now, you can add credits to your account by depositing funds with any major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) with an exchange of $1.00USD to $1.00 VP Credit. VP credits are equivalent to dollars and are used to upgrade your ads.

So far came out with only one upgrade option which is to Sponsored an Ad. This feature takes your original ad and converts it into a consolidated ad, similar to Google Adwords which appears on the right side of all the free listings in the section and area which it was initially posted.

The sponsored ad makes the users ad listing stand out from the rest of the ads and simplifies the conversion process of a customer acquisition. In simple terms, sponsored ad give consumers searching a specific location andcategory, faster search queries, location and linkable contact details to place calls instantly on their mobile device or tablet. plans on future upgrade releases such as automatic reposting by the day, by hour, posting in multiple states and cities similar to the model of posting ads on but better.

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